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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Im back freaks!

Urgh! Whats up biotches?!

Im baaaaaaaack!!! I spent almost a week basking in the sun and getting browner <--as if thats possible without turning another ethnicity all together!

Relaxed and feeling amazing! Hubby did a really good job of pissing me off yesterday when I returned, although recovered well last night while we had family time on the couch watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid. <---only to rebound today when he bitched me out for "always crying to my mom." What he is really mad about is the fact that someone somehow jacked his credit card number and made a purchase at BestBuy!!! He has the card!!!! Not sure how that is possible!! Whatever, I didnt steal the digits (although I should have) so dont take it out on me freak!

Now, I will close my eyes really tight and pretend I am back on the least until hubby gets over his PMS.

Oh yeah--Lots of great pics and some videos coming your way from the vaca! Luv ya!



  1. LOL my husband would do that sort of thing. I just call him a dumbass & ignore him when he's pissing me off. I hope you guys figure out who did that though, identity theft is so rampid, it's horrible.

  2. WOOOOHOOO! Glad you are back! I missed havin you here to bitch about things with! Can't wait to see pics!

    PS Ignore the PMSing hubs, he just needs some booty that's why he is cranky! LOL

  3. @Alby - hahaha!! Love it! Not sure why anyone would want to steal hubbies identity!! Shit out of luck if they are looking for good credit!! hahaha!!

    Thats what I am thinking too Ember! hahaha!!


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