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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Go work for your own money to buy your own shit!

Dude, why do you steal? Freak! People work really hard for their hard earned cash usually over a good 2 hard weeks of looooong hard hours, only to have you come and take what took them hours to EARN and you steal it in seconds. I never understood theft, but I always attributed that to not ever being in that desperate situation that might drive people to steal. Frankly, I believe some people steal just because, well because they freaking suck and have no respect for other people or their property. So yes, you f_cking suck! My hubby and I are trying to get by and are doing okay, just because we wanted to give you a backpack including a laptop, iphone, tools, and other random items. Consider it an early Christmas present you c_cks_cker! You obviously need it more then we do, and for that, I pity you.

Okay, I feel sooooo much better now. Don't you? No? Okay.


  1. I'd catch a case if someone stole my laptop and phone..that's fucked up

  2. Oh, I'm sorry! Just know that person is going to have a miserable life, and will never know the happiness and love that you do... does that make you feel better? Probably not, but I'm glad the venting helped!

  3. Sucks! Hopefully they tripped up somewhere and got caught!! Or someone just randomly kicks their ass! Karma is said to be a b*tch!

  4. @ Peryl- its my husband I feel terrible for, it was his backback <---fav. with all of his stuff that he uses everyday...kind of like losing a purse...dont tell him I said that! haha!

    @ Ember- you are soooo right! I almost included something about Karma in my post too!

    I know, no matter what, his stuff is gone...but I hurt because I know he feels terrible about it. He said the worst thing is that he has pictures of the fam on usb drives and the iphone that was in there.


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