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Monday, August 2, 2010

because im a post wh_re!

Because I must share all the time, even when I don't have a topic in mind, here I am. Sharing nothing. Crap! Think. Think. Think.

Oh yeah, is it weird that I am bummed about all of the (what I think is too early) "Back to School" retail campaigns? I must be a weirdo. I am thinking, WTF? Cant these kids relax until its actually time to return to school? I mean, I have been seeing this crap since mid July!

Personally it stresses the crap out of me! (you're shocked that I am stressed right?)

I am always messing things up during the school year and it only serves to remind me that sometimes I still have no idea what I am doing. I hate getting up at the crack of dawn. I hate having to drag my 8 year old out of bed, when I too secretly would kill to crawl back under the sheets.

In terms of getting up in the morning, I have this love hate relationship with my cell phone since it functions also as my alarm clock. I think I turn it off while in a zombie sleep state, and then return to sleep. That can be the only explanation! Either that, or some little creature hiding under my bed comes out to make sure he sabotages my morning by pushing the "ok" button on my alarm, indicating no more need for alarming. I think I like the second one better.

I always forget to check my kids backpack every day and get pissed when something goes on at school and I didn't know about it. Ha! Only to get home and see that the flyer with the information was in the pile of school papers I had labeled as "need to go through." Play it off, play it off.

So, how do you get your kids psyched up about something that you yourself would hate to do? It is so hard to be positive about going to school every day when, lets face it, its freaking boring. Don't get me wrong, I love education and school. I just hate elementary style teachings of the same crap everyday. I have seriously considered home schooling to help my child learn in a way thats not boring or under stimulating. I think I will start my own school and call it Escuela de Free2bMommy.

What is this all about? I don't freaking know, but I feel better having typed it.


  1. I'm prob gonna home school mine..In MI you aint even gotta tell no one you just start doing it. Not sure what your schools are like but ours are the worst. They have metal detectors at the door, kids callin in bomb treats, it's crazy

    As for you being not My OCD wont let that happen, I'm a freak..lmao

  2. Hiya! I found you through "Say Anything" and while I do not usually read "mommy blogs", I've read some of your posts and HURRAY for not being "sunshine and lollipops" all the time!

    You've got a sense of humor and a good writing style... I'm adding you to my reader!

  3. @Cissy! I really would like to homeschool mine! Lets see how it goes...maybe momma can keep from going back to "work work" just yet!

    @Ms. Darkster- I can not tell you how much I love comments like yours! It is important for my blog to be like me...and I am sooooo much more then just a momma! Glad to have you reading!



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