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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How hot is your city?!

Sculpture by the Sea fair in Tamarama Beach
Created by The Glue Society

It is hot!!! I am sweaty and feel gross!! TMI? Nah!

It was 103 degrees yesterday, and that was not even factoring the high humidity!! So, I see you nodding your head and agreeing. You think your city is hot? Tell me about it! How hot was it yesterday in your city??!! I guess I can let you feel special today.

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far, and I truly believe the devil himself was vacationing right here in Houston because DAMN it was hot!! Did I mention it was hot?

I walk inside and it takes me like an hour to cool off, and now its about to rain? WTF is that all about! STOP PLAYING WITH ME!!! I cant take it!!!
ps. Its HOT!


  1. It was about 106 here yesterday (Metroplex). But whilst out driving, I did see a time/temp sign that said 111 degrees.

    After 90, it's just "WHEW! IT'S HOT!!"

  2. Yes you are soooo right!! It IS like it all feels the same after 90!! Thanks for sharing!!


  3. 108 here today in SO Cal, not enough pit stick to keep from STANKIN'!! What really PISSES me off is all the whiny peeps that were complaining a few weeks ago that is wasn't hot enough this summer! WHAT? Now they jinxed the rest of us!

  4. Shit here in the D it gets down to 62 at night, yesterday we didnt even hit


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