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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mean B_tch Monday - The devil made me type it.

Okay, so in case you have been living under a rock (loser) or never read my blog on Mondays, CLICK HERE to prevent me embarrassing the shit out of you...only proceed once you fully understand....I wont be held responsible for any hurt feelings...continue at your own risk.

Dear bla, bla, bla...

You know how we all have a little angel on our shoulder and a little devil on the other to advise us on how to be good people and do the right thing bla bla bla? Yes? Okay, well you know how we are not suppose to listen to the little devil, but sometimes we would love to share what he advises us to say rather then the boring little angel? (Come on! Be honest!) I decided that I would say some of these things for you during this weeks Mean Bitch Monday moment. Feel free to add your own in the comments.
Again, all of the "characters" in my posts are based on fictional "types" of people and not real individuals themselves, so don't go all crazy girlfriend on me thinking I'm talking about you...that's just sad.

To Mrs. female boss at work who makes all woman professionals look bad...

I know that you are really excited to have this "powerful" position and being the self proclaimed "Queen Bee," but let me let you in on a little one really give a shit, but you. No one respects you, because all you do is try to scare people into doing what you want them to do. You are unprofessional, petty, and a horrible example of leadership. The fact that you are so incredibly petty about things and quick to get offended by any other females with talent, makes you look like a stupid pathetic bitch. It is because of people like you that woman get labeled as being too emotional, bitchy, petty, and unprofessional for the workplace. Do your job, that you are are so incredibly lucky to have and leave the insecurities at home. I know you don't know what the hell you are doing, but we can pretend for now that you do. <--insert snotty face here.

To Mr/Ms. Road Rager...

What the hell makes you think that where ever you need to go is any more important then anyone else's destination? Does it give you secret gratification to think you are being a "badass," for being a freeway bully? I think its hilarious that you get so worked up over ridiculous crap such as driving. HAHAHA!! <---this is me laughing and pointing at you. I think that it is gut busting that you will be rude in the car and discourteous, yet when we get to the stop light, you wont even look my way. WTF is that all about? I am not confrontational, but I don't start things that I don't intend to finish. Note to the wise: Don't do anything in your car that you would not be willing to do in person. <----I am so freaking gangster!!

To the girl who "just doesn't like me and doesn't know why"

What? You were an idiot when we were kids and you will always be, an idiot. But keep talking, you are making me famous!! Somebody is FABULOUS!! <--strutting biotches!

To the Selfish gal pal...

Not to say that my life is busier then yours, but, my life is busier then yours. You are a single girl, and expect me to be your friend when you don't even take a moment to show interest in my life or show up for something that was very important to me? Would it have hurt so bad to swing by or at least call? Why have friends become to damn self centered and selfish? When did that happen? I am so naive.

To all the people who only read my posts to be creepy hate stalkers that don't really like me...and I know you are there....

Dude, I don't discriminate who my readers are, but you are a fulgy go away. hahaha! <----me rolling on the ground laughing at you!!

Whoooo! Okay going back to the sweet Free2bMommy...yeah right!
Until next week friends!


  1. Lmao I love reading your Bitchy Monday posts, I am always cracking up! I definitely am with you on the self-centered friend thing, especially since I moved out of the U.S, every time I call one of my friends he has a headache, or his phone is dying or he's tired or he was napping.. please. If you don't wanna talk just say so, ugh. You speak the truth girl, don't ever stop! =)

  2. I hear you on the selfish friend thing. I'm particularly fond of those friends who never seem to be around when you need to vent ... but will call you at 2 a.m. and expect you to listen to their sob story.

  3. @Alby- Thanks for reading! I try to be as honest as possible without hurting anyone in particular, but somethings, must be said. Right?!

    @Jenn- EXATLY!! Glad you appreciate my sometimes brutal honesty. I actually hate bitching about friends, but sometimes, I just cant help myself! Sucks that its all true!


  4. This is why my Monday's don't SUCK anymore! LOVE IT!!

    Love the road ragers! "look if you wanna be first to the red light, GO FOR IT!" that's what I usually say to those idiots! HAHAHAHAHAH~~

  5. @Ember! I know right?!!! I saw you joined Blogfrog!! YAY!!!


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