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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Drunken stories worth telling

When I turned 18, yeeeeeeears ago! I went to this club that I am too embarrassed to admit to now, with a couple of friends of mine. One was a BFF (of the moment) and the other was this guy that to this day I have no freaking idea why I hung out with. Anyway, we get to drinking (Illegally) and partying and pretending to be grown and before you know it....everything was a freaking blur! We all start dancing with random guys with our beer goggles on, and when it was time to go, my BFF and I start to look for our guy friend who accompanied us. Somehow we had lost him...maybe purposely? I honestly don't remember. My friend and I are all wasted and singing and acting goofy, thinking that we will find him at any minute, as the house lights turn on.

Hmmmm...where is that little ass? So since the crowd was pushing outward we headed out too. It occurred to me that he had been holding my car keys...HELLO party dresses don't have pockets!! So, we decided to go and wait by the car for him to show up. problem...the car was not where I parked it...panic begins to set in. WTF?!! My dad is going to freaking kill me!!!!! What do I do? What do I do? What do I do???!! Think straight Dee...concentrate!! Get it together!!! This is serious!!!

My friend and I are standing there in the middle of this parking lot with drunk creepo guys grabbing at us, honking , and saying all sorts of crap to us. I want my mommy!!!!

We waited there for what felt like an eternity...we asked to borrow someones cell (when cells where not something you just carried around) and I tried to call freaking answer!! That son of a b_tch!!! The lot started emptying out, and as I was about to give up, when I see my car coming around the corner. He opens the door and of course in true Dee fashion, I start b_tching him out. He said something about getting his tooth knocked out by some guy who was dancing with us...bla...bla...bla...

Me: "Oh you want to leave me b_tch? You want to leave me alone and take off in my own car? How about we do about you find your way home? F_ck you!" <---middle finger up!

I left him where he stood...far far far away from his home on the ghetto side of town. Was not the first time and would not be the last...I have left people on the side of the road for far less offenses. Sorry. No actually Im not, I still laugh about it every time I tell that story. Gets better every time!! hahaha!!! Sucka!!!!


  1. LOL how funny!! And so very hard ass of you ;).

    I wish I had had the opportunity to drop someone off and leave them for the crap they pulled during my dating years...oh how the stories would be more entertaining, LOL.

  2. You mean b@*ch you! HA! Too funny! Oh the days of chaos!! Id love to share a story or two with you, however, my kid might find it some day. Cant have that!!

    I have gotten way behind on everyones blogs, shame on me. I am attempting to get caught up, which is quite a task I might add.

    Make sure you zoom over and check out all the new changes to my blog. I have tons of new giveaways too, new one posted all the time!!
    Stay Fabulous


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