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Thursday, August 5, 2010

EmbarASSing things to admit I secretly heart!

Pic by Althena

I was scanning my usual sites to see what I could find of any interest value and came across this article about naming 5 foods you are ashamed to admit you like. Can you tell I'm in bed and hungry?

Check out the link for the article HERE

Since I know you are all dying to know what some of my foods that I am ashamed to admit I like are <--wink wink, I will get right to it. Oh you love it! I I dare say it? I love Taco Bell <----Latino blasphemy! I am such a disgrace to Mexicans and Mexican Americans everywhere! haha! Just kidding! Sort of. How can I deny the awesomeness of food created by white people and given a "Spanish" name, many of the items you could never even find south of the border. One of my favorites is the most lame of all, the Cheesy we have gorditas <---the food, not the fat chicks, but they are nothing like the Taco Bell created version. I also love the Double Decker Tacos! WTF are those all about?! Gluttony at its best! As if the taco shell was not enough let's randomly wrap a faux-tilla around it and make it even MORE ridiculous! But ohhhh sooooo yummy! Who comes up with this crap?!

I really love corn nuts! The warden and I loooove to eat them in a bowl with lemon all over them! They are messy and loud, but oooooh soooo yummy! I have no idea where they come from and I'm not sure I want to know. They are little kernel looking things so they must be sort of good for you. Right? No? Okay.

I really really really heart the $.99 double cheeseburgers from McDonald's <---what a freaking "fat kid" thing to say! Yes its true, if you give them a squeeze, lots of clear shiny grease gushes out, but all that cheeeese cancels it out...I think. I also LOVE the french fries and don't give a shit what anyone has to say about that! Now, I'm not talking about "Super Size" me love, but I will admit that we eat there once or twice every couple of weeks. Ooooooh sooooo yummy! And what?! <--damn I'm classy!

I really do love a great can of Coke once in a while! I'm not talking a Coke Zero or a pansy Diet Coke, I am talking about the mother of all sodas, the original King of Pop...Coca Cola! Sometimes I just want a Coke and I don't feel sorry for drinking it either...well maybe a little. Shhh..soooo yummy! Oh shut up, you know you like you some soda too! <--again, Klassy with a K.

Okay, so those are some of mine. What are some of your guilty food pleasures?

I showed you mine, now damnit, show me yours!


  1. The Big Mac. I mean, does ANYONE ever really need all those carbs? And secret sauce? But every now and then... GOTTA HAVE ONE!

    Chili Cheese Dogs...with onions and mustard. So not good for you in so many ways and so darn delicious.

    Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies. Must buy the individual bags because there is no restraint if I get the box. Darn delicious little cookies!

  2. Also, this post may have sparked my trip to McDonald's this morning for breakfast burritos. *ahem*

  3. LOL at Taco Bell, I gotta have the real thing..#1 Combo from Poncho's is bomb I tell ya

    My liking for Mexican food is so bad I put hot sauce on almost everything. Taco Bell hot sauce at that. My husband saves them from his

  4. well for me, my embarrassing foods are really embarrasing because I am a natural health educator. But I love hot dogs, NY style...either nathans or sabretts. I also love pastrami sandwiches. Two meats with all kinds of bad stuff in them.

  5. I'm kind of a fast food junkie...McDonald's breakfasts are some of my favorite, and I loooooove the fries! I also love Taco Bell burritos! And Taco Johns' Six Pack and a Pound...

    I could go on... ;)

    Cheap Geeks Anonymous

  6. cookie dough! SO bad but SO good!! I usually eat it when no ones looking too! =)

  7. Vanilla ice cream with POWDERED chocolate Quick mix on top (for that gritty feeling between your teeth). Let it soften for a minute and stir it up, make it dip-like and then scoop it up on potato chips.

    It's the sweet and the salt.

    LOVE IT.

  8. Cheese fries, dipped in ranch. Yum.

  9. 1. Soft Lofthouse cookies... So sweet and soft, with icing and sprinkles on them. You gain 5lbs just picking one up.
    2. Chicken mini's from Chick-fil-a. YOu get four nuggets encased in a buttery - grease from the butter gets on your hands - mini biscuit. YUMM!!!
    3. Birthday cake... Even when someone is not having a birthday cake.

  10. I had sooooo much fun reading all the great comments! I am feeling the hot dogs are popular! I luv um too<--ball park ones are the best! I heart mac and cheese! Some of the favs made me go "hmmm...." one that really made me hungry was the cheese fries with ranch! That is one of my favs that I cannnot believe I forgot!!!

    Thanks yall!!


  11. So nice to know I am not alone with my shameless sharing of junk that is soooo yummy! I love that we have a natural health educator participating! I now feel more normal! haha!

    @Jennifer K - This is my fav!!! If I were to try to eat that my hubby would think I was preggo! hahaha!!



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