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Sunday, October 3, 2010

MBM - You are a tool!

Have I left you feeling lonely? Unfulfilled? Afraid? Worried? Abandoned? That is totally normal considering how much time I have stayed away from blogging. Whats it been, like 2 weeks?!

I know that you were most likely crying yourself to sleep with worry about me, right? haha!!

Really though, thanks to those of you who took the time to email me to make sure things were okay.

Now, MBM...

Dear Man with the chubby fingers,

First of all, I was sleep deprived and staring out into goo goo land when you felt the need to not just "beep" but BLARE your horn at me! How rude are you? I think I was there for like a millisecond and you were going off like a big old monkey who just had his banana yanked from him! <===you really did sort of look like this! Then after honking at me, for a more then appropriate time I might add, you proceeded to give ME the finger!! Now, I could be wrong, but shouldn't it be me giving you the finger for honking at me in such a ridiculous manner? Its true that I shamefully puffed my face out and held my arms out in front of me clearly referencing your big belly, but you totally deserved it.

Disclaimer: For the record, I love chubby people!


  1. haha you are a hoot! I don't like horn blarerers!

  2. I have missed you so much!!!!!!! I'm the chick cryin myself to sleep over you =)

  3. @Daisygirl- Curse them damn beepers!!!

  4. @Crisc- HAHAHA!! You are hilarious! I have some serious reading to catch up on myself, on all MY favorite blogs, including yours!!


  5. LMAO! Gotta love it!

  6. You are HILARIOUS! I love your writing style, your honest perspective, energy, and obvious dedication to your kids - I will definitely be adding your blog to my reading list! Keep up the great work and never change being just you. :)



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