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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The great debate...the Mexican one.

While wrapping up my kids birthday party this weekend, I was inspired by a drunken conversation for today’s post. I know people who do not like to be called Mexican Americans…although they are. I also have friends who think that they are the “victim” because of their brown skin. I myself, consider myself “aware” of the country and its views on Mexican Americans, but do not let it define or direct me. Here are some bits and pieces of that ridiculous although rooted conversation.

Drunken 1: I’m not Mexican- American (ßsaid with disgust.) I am an American.

Drunken 2: If I go for a job and a white dude goes for a job, they are going to hire him because he is white and I am Mexican.

Drunken 3: Dude, y’all are stupid.

Drunken 1: I am Spanish.

Drunken 2: Did you know that Mexicans are of Spanish and Indian decent?

Drunken 3: They don’t care that you are American. When they see you, they will assume you are Mexican…like a real Mexican!

Sober Dee- Lets agree to disagree…now go home Mexicans!

Did you know that we (Mex-Amer) even talked about stuff like this? It’s amazing how the Mexican American people are divided among themselves on issues of ethnicity and immigration. Just thought I would share.

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  1. where I live they hire the 'Mexican-Americans" and not the white dude/chick.. because the former are usually more fluent in Spanish and that is a large part of our population in Santa Maria.


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