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Monday, October 11, 2010

Updates from the semi burnt out!

I hate getting into ruts where I don't feel like typing and I would rather crawl in bed under the covers and hide from my life. Trying to balance life and its demands is sooooo frustrating and exhausting, or maybe its just me...I'm such a weirdo! Whaaaaa!! Okay I'm done feeling sorry for myself!

I home school monkey and we do pretty good, but then Bean gets tired of being "ignored" that he starts to act up and have screaming fits! He pinches super hard and throws stuff at me! I have been trying the "time out" method (I know some of you are rolling your eyes and some of you are laughing your asses off!)

I am seriously going to stick to it this time. Now I just sound like a tubby contestant on the Biggest Loser! Great, now I just want some cheese cake!

I literally have the kid that has to be with his mother at all times! He cries and throws himself on the floor when I tell him "no," and wants me to carry him at all times! Bean is a serious piece of work, but I love him! I cannot believe that in a couple of weeks he will be 2! I feel like we have been in the terrible 2's for 2 years now! I looooove being a mom, but its stages in development (like the terrible tot years) that make me second guess my choice for more kids.


  1. enjoy it all with your soon to be 2 yr old :) My little guy just turned 2 and a half...and most days i feel like pulling out HIS hair lol but then I look at my 4 yr old, in school, all day...I miss his terrible twos :)

  2. My gremlins are pretty crazy so I know how your The more Hev talks the worse it gets..lmao

  3. I really do enjoy spending time with him, but some of those days...not sooo much! hahaha!!


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