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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Eating too much crap!

For some reason my horrible eating habits start in October and dont seize until the new year! I have eaten soooo much freaking candy and junk over the past couple of weeks, and I feel like crap! I am intent on detoxing myself today! With my sons birthday party having just passed, we were left with tons of candy, rice krispy treats, candy trail mix, and oreo cookies, that I am going to scream! I seriously have eaten an entire bag of krispie treats by myself!

I am sooooo ashamed!! hahaha!!

Its crazy how bad you actually start to feel when you load yourself up on soooo much sugar! Its just a blagh feeling!! My stomach started to hurt last night and I took 2 pepto tablets. Did you know that pepto can turn your tongue black and give you a horrible taste in your mouth when taken before bed? Creepy!

The worst of the worst, is the large amount of FANTA soda we had left over that I have been working down for the last couple of nights. That is why I dont keep that crap anywhere near me usually!

Okay, done whining about my total lack of will power!



  1. I totally understand!! As I sit here munching my last choc covered peep....

  2. I just made a cake with my grandson, I really wish I hadn' keeps staring at me.

  3. I know, it starts with hallowe'en and goes straight through new years' eve... food is EVERYWHERE!!

  4. Same thing here! I swear all week I've been eating everything and anything. I finished a whole big bag of cheetos on my own (it's usually my husband that eats that finishes it). I made cookies for my son, but of course, I ate them all. At work, it's nonstop snacking on chocolate, chips, etc. Ugh! I've been trying to stop, but can't!


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