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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The trick and the not so yummy treat!

The hubby and I went out this past Saturday, and let me tell you, as a home schooling mother, I get little time to myself. I am not complaining, but I love halloween and look forward to it every year. How freaking awesome is it to be anyone you want to be for one night, and not have everyone think you are nutts? I dont go out often anymore, and my husband and I had about 3 parties lined up to attend on Saturday. Well, I will just say that we had to cut the freaking night short, because my hubbys drinks got a head of him...waaaaay ahead if him.

He motioned to me, that it was time to leave the first party and head over to the others, and I was bummed but totally okay with it at the same time. We said our goodbyes and got in the driving of course. I said "okay, where to?" He said, "home, im freaking tired!" I was beside myself in frustration! I was like the littlest brat ever! I was sooooo mad! Sure, he was being "responsible" for knowing when he was "done," but I on the other hand was having a great time and could have burned him at the stake for ending my evening early. "You tricked me!" I yelled at him, but he was all ready passing out asleep in the passenger side chair. Oh well.

Can you tell im not bitter?


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