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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

If I thought about who might be reading...

I would never might even say...I would be embarassed!

My life is sometimes unglamorous! Yes, I know, its difficult to believe, but its true. (snicker and snort)

I often do not wear makeup aside from concealer. My hair is seldom straightened anymore, unless I am actually going somewhere. I gain ridiculous amounts of weight while prego, and could easily be mistaken for an oompa loompa. I am a towering 5 feet tall. My eyes are small and without makeup often seem to disappear. My favorite thing to wear are my American Eagle blue jeans with the hole on the right thigh, a white tank with my pink cropped sweater, and my black converse with bright pink sparkle laces.

I firmly believe that less is more, although my mom would seriously disagree. Her favorite words to me are "you need lipstick."

When I think about who might be reading...I get red in the face. I often don't realize what an intimate glimpse into my personal life, I actually give via Free2bMommy. <--insert gulp.

I am such an over sharing punk.


  1. But we love when you share! I don't feel like the only one! hahah! I have PPS (permanent ponytail syndrome) RARELY will you see me without one unless its the week I get my hair done!

  2. I know right?! LONG LIVE THE PONYTAIL!!!!


  3. I'm glad you let us play voyeur! I think you're gorgeous...I don't know what you're worried about doll face!

  4. You are just being you and that's all anyone needs to be.


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