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Monday, May 16, 2011

Taking up a suzie home maker hobby

I have been seeing and buying tons of these cute t-shirts with tie appliques for little boys and tots and have been dying to figure out how to make them. Well...lucky me, my mom owns a Kenmore sewing machine that is a tad dated, but if you have seen the sewing machines today they have not really changed that much. Figuring out the threading seems to be the most confusing at this point. I would like pointers!!

Anyone know what type of basic material I might need to get started? I would like to do the tie applique on a toddler t. I will show you how its done as I work through it. Here are some links where you can see what types of shirts I will be making.

I love simple shirts with fun statement pieces on them, and it just stood to reason that the simple applique style would be best. Soooooo you will get to join me in the next couple of weeks as I get together what I need and set the sewing machine up and ready to go!!!

And leaving you a totally unrelated picture of my kiddos!


  1. DO IT! I'll so buy from you!

    PS-the bebes are adorbs!

  2. Love those shirts! I have a friend that sells those too.

    Super cute!!


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