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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Because I am random...

Why would someone friend you on FB only to turn around and defriend you?? It's creepy, and makes me paranoid! Stop it!

This is the gorgeous and yummy Tres Leches cake to celebrate mothers day!

This weekend was beautiful and I spent most of it at home on the couch. Funny story...The Warden finally put together the kids Little Tikes wagon, and I decided to take it for a spin with both kiddos strapped in. About half way out, I hear this dragging sound...the freaking wheel feel off! (thinking to self) How the heck am I going to drag of carry this monstrosity of a wagon back home??! Bean refused to get out by the way! I decided to send Monkey back to get The Warden while Bean and I stood stranded on the side of the road!! It was hilarious, although you really had to be there!! hahaha!!!

Wondering if this timeout spot is really working...


  1. hey that time out spot looks to colorful ;)

  2. It is!! He was not in time out of that day so he was enjoying sitting there...but when it is the timeout spot...he knows we mean business! hehe!


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