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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Extreme Couponers are not real....

So, as I am sure you all have seen the TLC show Extreme I use to use coupons from time to time, but have picked up more within the last few months. Was it because of the show? No. I had not seen it until a couple of weeks ago. I hate going to the store and having cashiers say something like "oh youve been watching that show" No, loser, I am not an idiot sheep that does stuff because I see it on TV. Urgh! Ok---rant done...sort of. I coupon because it just makes sense. I love staying home with my kids, and if couponing helps...I am all for it.

So what about the normal couponer??

Okay, so we can get a few items free if the coupon world happens to align correctly with the weekly ads or clearance items. Doubling coupons in Houston??? Not so much...

Not too fair for us big city folks...Kroger recently revamped their policy stating they no longer would be doubling or tripling coupons anymore in the greater Houston area. This is old news to Houston area avid couponers, but non the less, its whats going on. There is also most often a limit the stores allow you to purchase per transaction as well...."limit 4" for example. Not sure how in the heck the Extreme Couponers get around this...

Randall's doubles coupons...but their prices are high to begin with!! Where is the savings in that? Please...we are not stupid and can add.

Some stalker coupon obsessed hoarder is wiping out my local CVS every freaking Sunday!! By the time the regular couponers show up on Monday morning...there is nothing left. :(

So in conclusion...most people are not able to buy thousands of dollars worth of product for $5 due to smart restrictions and rules from the grocery stores and manufacturers issuing the coupons.

Please TLC!!! Stop this madness so we can all get back to our "normal" couponing lives!

Sooooo what are your thoughts???


  1. I always wondered where those people lived to get all that stuff for free!! We have limits too. We have two grocery stores that double with big restrictions - one only doubles once a week for the month and the other only doubles one of each coupon so no big stock pile in my home.
    I like the show because it shows how much you can save but i think it's ridiculous that they purchase 50 packs of mentos, mustard they don't like or 150 bottles of malox?!?

  2. Do you know how much time is involved with saving that $$$? Yeah, I know, time is money, but seriously, who needs 500 boxes of Captain Crunch??? Just saying! ;)

  3. Just seen the show and was inspired to try it but I found out (like you said) Krogers no longer offer the 2 3 or 4 for 1 coupon. That limits your purchasing power,also; they have started limiting how many coupons you can use. I had a 400 dollar purchase, Krogers card dropped it down to 315 but when I handed them the coupons..... they found everything in the world why I could use them! You can't use this on with that one and you have too many items to use this one and you can't use that if it's already on sale. When I walked out I did lower my bill to 275 but not 40 dollars lol.


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